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Pure Air Testing, Inc. is an independent, full service testing and certification company.  Pure Air Testing, Inc. tests Biological Safety Cabinet, Laminar Flow Devices, Chemical Fume Hoods, HEPA filtered ventilation systems and also provide decontamination services.

We are strictly a service company that offers a completely unbiased evaluation of your equipment or product(s).  We are committed to provide the highest quality workmanship and service at a competitive price, without sacrificing customer service. 

We understand the many facets and complex inter-relationship of your equipment’s performance and can evaluate the data and readings to give you a comprehensive view of how the device is performing.  Our testing procedures verify your equipment is functioning properly with national, industry, and customer specified certification standards. 

Our testing equipment is state of the art, N.I.S.T traceable for reliable, for precise readings.  All calibration certificates are available to the customer per their request.  Our reports are generated immediately and easy to review and understand.  Read more about Pure Air Testing, Inc. services to see how we can help you.